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Become data


Data teams are the ‘engine’ powering smart business decisions. With instant insights, one-click testing and contextual alerts you’ll trust your data. So you can get on with generating value from it.

It's as easy as

Connect your data warehouse

Unlock statistics on your data

Run prebuilt pass/fail tests

Receive data health alerts

Get on with
 real analysis

Break down varied and complex datasets into the numbers that matter. Instantly.

Get to know your data at a glance. Surfacing relevant information for a given data type removes potential barriers to analysis.

Example statistics: table growth over time, null %, distinct count


Use pre-built tests to dig deeper into your data, without writing a single line of SQL.

You need to be confident in the data you rely on. Get confident faster with one-click testing. If a test fails, you’ll see why.

Tests include: uniqueness, valid values, regex

Schemas change. ETL jobs fail. Alerts give you the context you need, when you need it.

By alerting you to the events that will impact your work, you can find solutions before any damage is done

Receive alerts by: Slack, PagerDuty, Email

Made to fit in

Choose between

on-premise or cloud


Connect BI tools for extra insight


Modern SQL editor included


Define your data culture


Context as 
you query

Live Query

Built for iterative analysis


Integrates with the following databases

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