Lift99 Tallinn Hub


Telliskivi 60a/5, 2nd floor
Tallinn, Estonia

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It's all about the people!

Mekl’s mission is to give every employee within data-driven organisations access to the information they need to make better decisions.

After raising our seed round we have been busy building a product that has the potential to augment data teams globally.

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Not every data problem requires a custom solution. We are building an out-of-the-box product that can help data teams globally to become more efficient.


We commit to giving each other honest feedback, delivered with respect, intended to help us improve and grow. There is no room for ego, only a genuine care for our collective success.

Care through candor

Every decision we make as individuals and as a business starts with one question: is this the right thing to do? For us, acting with integrity and building a sustainable business go hand in hand.

Integrity first

Quite literally: share packages come as standard. Beyond this, every one of us acts like an owner. Our focus is on achieving results that benefit the whole, not any one individual.

We’re all owners

We believe that the lives of employees and consumers can be improved by the better utilisation of data within organisations. This shared passion binds us, and drives us.

Champion the mission


Generous share packages make every employee part of our future success - we’re in this together!

Share in our success

We’re a young company, some would say a mere ball of clay - help us shape Mekl into an inspiring place to work.

Be the sculpture

We’re located in Telliskivi (Lift99 co-working hub), where hydration takes place solely through artisanal coffee and craft beer.

Hipster’s paradise

We’re not TransferWise or Bolt (yet), but we are funded and are committed to rewarding great work with competitive salaries.

Pay the bills

Every new employee receives one plant, and one pot. We are collectively responsible for their continued existence.

Plant life

We have a meeting room with swings. Yes swings. Romet is still working on sourcing a roundabout.

Swings and roundabouts

Be one of the first employees in a company with global ambitions.

Get in early

We see our workmates as our friends, and create this bond with all manner of work activities and events.

Live it up

A Slack poll decides which local restaurant we go to each day (Estonian lunch specials are a revelation to Dan).

Democratising lunch




Software Engineer

Full-time, Tallinn, Estonia