Lift99 Tallinn Hub


Telliskivi 60a/5, 2nd floor
Tallinn, Estonia

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Software Engineer

Full-time, Tallinn, Estonia

It is all about the people!

We started Mekl to help ambitious, data-driven teams tap into its potential. If our shared experiences have taught us one thing, it’s that there is no shortage of data within organisations.

We pride ourselves in building world-class technology whilst never losing sight of the most important component: the end user.

We are not going to ask for your academic credentials, how many years of experience you have or how many open source projects you have contributed to. What we are looking for are individuals that are self-starters, passionate about solving real problems and consider themselves lifetime learners.


We truly believe that it’s all about the people, and are passionate about building a great company culture where we all leave our egos at the door, yet fight passionately for what we think is right until we are proven wrong.

Our technology

Technologies and platforms we currently work with are Google Cloud, BigQuery, Dialogflow, Typescript, React, Kotlin and many more. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard about any of these, we don’t expect you to and will provide training to get you up to speed. We see it as our duty to make sure that everyone will learn and grow as employees in Mekl - which means we will sometimes throw you into the deep end of the pool.

Some of the things you will be working on

  • Implement real time dashboards/apps in Typescript, React/Native and Firebase

  • Query billions of rows in seconds with BigQuery

  • Architect data pipelines with Apache Beam and Kotlin on Google Dataflow

  • Build event-driven, serverless architectures with AWS Lambda and Google Cloud Functions

  • Integrate data from multiple sources such as S3, GCS, PubSub, SQL and more


  • Equity in the company

  • A choice in the projects you work on

  • Competitive salary

  • Flexible working hours

  • As much team socialising as you can handle

  • Get to build a global company from the ground up

  • A desk with us in Lift99 coworking space (at the heart of the Tallinn startup scene)


  • Excited to unleash the potential of data within organisations

  • Capable of handling a varied workload and jumping between projects as and when required

  • A full-stack generalist with 5+ years experience building web applications

  • Experienced at writing clean, scalable code with spectacular experience in one or more programming language

  • A self-starter: you have started something on your own before - a startup, an open-source project, or something else